Friday, 7 August 2015


Summer Winter Autumn Spring the seasons which are loved by most of the people but Rainy season can bring smile on faces of each and everyone around you. Every person can associate his life with rains. Either his love story or the first sip of tea with snacks and jalebi. Maggie lovers love to eat Maggie when it rains and few just dance run and play and feel every droplet of rain. Few eyes are filled with tears of joy and few filled with memories which start to roll down their cheeks. Few hide under the umbrella and few just go with the flow. The inner child of every person comes to life. Grandpa grandma narrate stories of their childhood. Parents go on terrace and have fun with their kids. Few walk on roads few play football and few just stare the beauty of nature the sky with music all around them. Few lost in the arms of their lovers and few dancing with the rhythm of rain droplets. Few fell in love and few miss their lovers. The mesmerising weather makes us fall in love with it. The aroma of sand and mud, droplets of water on leaves of plant, clear blue sky with a rainbow and peacock dancing are the most beautiful views which we all want to capture forever. It's easy to fall in love with people but only few fell in love with nature. Love has different forms few find it in people few in animals few in shopping and few in food. Nature has given us abundance of love its just we have to see it.

Thursday, 9 July 2015


Sometimes there is so much going on in our lives that we can't figure out why things are not happening the way they should be..Why isn't they happening the way they were planned.. So many thoughts wandering in our mind and we  can't keep ourselves on the right track..Every single step we take forward is just like falling two steps backward..Something is always bugging our minds..At one moment we are angry and at the same time we are sad..Its just we can't figure out how to get out of that situation..Shadows of past haunting or the wheel of time is playing its game again and we are facing the same situation again or its the repressed memories or the people we love the most in our lives or is it just we are tensed for no reason..When so much is happening we just feel like running away somewhere where no one can identify us..We want to shout out loud we feel like crying our eyes out..But instead of doing all this we have to carry a smile on our faces for the people who loves us and for whom our smiles values a lot..Sometimes life play its game in a way we can never imagine..Too much happiness at one point of time and at the same time wandering in the darkness of night with drops of tears rolling down our cheeks..When everything is already a mess life piles its own on us..Test us gives us situations which is hard for us to handle because sometimes being strong for everyone and trying to keep smiles on faces of people and pretending we are not hurt won't lead us anywhere it just shatters us and it doesn't shatter us once, it shatter us again and again bit by bit and tear us apart..To let go brings us peace but sometimes we just can't get over it..Healing is a process which takes time..Letting go can bring peace to our mind but can it mend the shattered pieces ? One of my friend said in life we don't have problems , these are just situations which are not right now and eventually will be right. Well I guess he is right there are no problems but just situations we are facing..We just need to learn from these situations and sometimes ignore and move on because by thinking about them we are just hurting ourselves as we are re-living those memories again..Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we plan but there is nothing bad with surprises..

Saturday, 27 June 2015

She knows..

Sometimes life challenges us in a way we can't imagine. Its easy to lose friends but the most difficult part is when you are gonna lose your best friend. People say its difficult to find the right one for us and we have no clue how easily we fall in love with a person, it doesn't matter whether he or she is the one for us or not. But the most difficult part of all of this is to fall out of love. It takes a lot of strength to accept the fact that the one we love does not love us back. Day in and day out we think of that person and in our dreams too that person is the only one we wanna see. We wanna spend our entire life with that person so we try to do everything to keep him or her with us. But we forget that few persons are just meant to be a part of our memories not our lives. Even if they stay they can't be in our lives the way we want them to be. It takes a lot of courage to face that person every day. Seeing the face yuh wanna forget, hearing the voice yuh just want to hear your entire lives but don't have the strength to keep yourself together, being with someone you have always dreamt of spending your life with and without whose text your day won't start and end. Seeing your heart shattered into pieces by that one person break you bit by bit. No matter how strong yuh portray yourself in front of that person, keep a smile on your face and try to hide tears in your eyes, sometimes that person notices everything you do for her. No matter how much yuh try but she knows in how much pain yuh are and sometimes blame herself for your condition. But even after many failures when the person tries to keep yuh happy it sometimes worsen the situation for you. She can't stand tears yuh hiding in your eyes. She knows how much she means to yuh. And how can she steal away the smile which has filled happiness in her life. Stepping back is the only option she has. And when she try to do, yuh are completely shattered because talking to her makes yuh happy and if that gives yuh happiness she do it for yuh. Somewhere deep down she knows it's gonna hurt but still do everything possible to keep that smile on your face which was eluded for a while. Time is a great healer, we all have heard and maybe everything will be okay eventually. But sometimes time doesn't heal it just give yuh more pain because yuh are not able to get over that person. It takes immense pain to erase every memory of that person. And finally yuh decide to step back and talk less to get over that person. Maybe this is the option you are left with. The scars or wounds take time to heal and she understands. Maybe that is the only option left , the best friend with whom yuh talk day in and day out who knows everything about yuh and about whom yuh know everything needs a break from yuh. When we know few people can't be together then why one person always fall in love and other person never. Sometimes we don't lose the person, that person always stay in our life its just the bond between them dies, Relations are like threads can't pull strongly can't cut them loose. But sometimes people do have to think about themselves and move on no matter what price is paid because there happiness is what the other person wants. No matter how badly yuh wanna talk to that person or that person wants to talk, yuh have to make a firm decision. Best friends are not who talk day in and day out but best friends are the ones, when they talk it seems like they never stopped talking.     

Monday, 22 June 2015

Lost Hope

In every phase of life we are tested in one way or other. Either in terms of strength or in terms of our patience. We all are strong but at some point of time all we are is a shattered person with all hopes drained and blurred dreams in our eyes. No matter how much we try to pick all the pieces we are not able to mend what is broken inside of us, few pieces are always left scattered here and there. Faking a smile in front of people we love is all we are left with. No ray of hope, no happiness just a blank look and we are lost in our own thoughts. Frustrated angry from ourselves we are not able to find solution of our problems. No where to go, no plan to escape the mess in our head. A question always popping in our mind what went wrong? Are we not good enough ? Are we not worthy? Failures are said to be stepping stone towards success but sometimes these failures turn the us into someone we never imagined we could ever be. People who believe and are full of hope turn into a non- believer deprived of hope. We all have heard challenges bring the best in us. When we face obstacles in our path we learn from them and grow in a better way. But when we don't know the reason why we are falling again and again then it becomes difficult every time to stand up and face the problem. All we have heard is work hard and it will pay off  one day. Don't know that one day will come or not but luck destiny the words in which few never believed, have finally started believing. Few of us start to think why should i even try when i'm destined to fail? We make our own destiny but without luck no matter how much we work hard to fulfill our dreams all our efforts will go in vain. Sometimes our worst fears do come true.   

Friday, 27 March 2015


When everything seems right some shit happens and life goes back the way it was before. One bad moment makes you remember all the worst memories of yours and you are just surrounded with grey clouds. And at that point of life you just feel like running away from everyone to a place which is unknown to you, where you are alone just with your thoughts under the sky and no one is there to bother you. When life is already testing your saturation level then why others need to do the same as well. When you are already miserable and trying to keep everything in place then why at that point few things happen that shatter you down completely. Why it becomes so difficult to make people believe that you do care about them and that person still hold the same place in your life? Why only you have to understand and when you try to make others understand they take you in wrong way? Why its like you have to be strong one and have to hide tears in your smile or eyes? Why you can't just be on both sides when people talk? Why people think you are taking sides? Why can't life be easy..why it has to be a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces scattered in different directions? Some questions are always left unanswered. Being strong doesn't mean you deserve pain. No one is perfect. We do make mistakes but instead of fighting  and crying over it why we just can't sit and talk out differences. Why just we can't stand for each other when we need each other the most and when we know we can't spend a day without them. Problems are there in everyone life it's just the perspective of person to deal with it. Every person feel the same way Why Me? Few relations are more important than what happens in our life. People may fight, cry, misunderstand each other, may not talk for a while but people who are meant to be in your life will stay no matter what.     

Friday, 6 March 2015

Keep Believing Keep Trying

Life has its own way to test our patience or to see how strong we are. Failures are stepping stones towards success, try and try till you succeed, never lose faith, keep believing. Few quotes we all have heard a lot of times. Failures are stepping stone towards success agreed but what happens when a person fails again and again, even after trying and trying and giving his best every time. God has planned something better for you, is all we are left with. Everything happens for a reason and if the reason is good why we are not provided with one. If only we could know what is best for us or when all our hard work will be paid off, then life would have been completely different. Failures break a person, shed them into tears and at that point only faith and believe are the two words which fill light in their dark monotonous life. Believing next time will be different give them courage to stand and try again and fight their worst fears. But what if their biggest fear turns into reality? What if every time they try again they fail once again? They feel they are worthless and lose their self confidence. They treat themselves as inferior and spent their time repenting about the past. If they are too lost in past then how can they see what future is serving them with. In every phase of life we come across many problems but if we bow to them and stop trying then at that moment we become failures. And if we fight every hurdle in front of us, even though we fall again and again but give it a shot again then maybe not that day but one day we will surely win. Maybe the path we have in front of us is full of thorns and not a bed of roses but if we stop trying we will never know how strong we are or what we are capable of. We never walk alone there is always someone watching over us. So instead of thinking what we have lost we should always think what we can achieve or can get. Everyone will be successful one day or other its just a matter of time. So one should keep believing and keep trying as Heaven Always Got a Plan For Everyone.  

Sunday, 8 February 2015


People are destined to meet but there is no surety they stay together forever. Well i met someone i had no clue will become my bestest of bestest buddy. In a world where people love to make others life miserable he fills people life with hope, happiness and laughter. Sometimes it is difficult to understand you but seriously saying i'm glad i met you. When people think of breaking the bond they share you act as a glue and bind them together. Whether the person is sad or crying, you can bring smile on anyone's face. You keep everyone as one yuh unite everyone of us as one. People like you, i don't know are they still made ? You share others problem and always have a solution to whatever the matter is. Even when you are sad yuh usually don't share your problems that easily but you know ur smile fades away from your face. You think you can solve the problem on your own. Mr. i know yuh can solve each and every problem of yours but maybe sharing sometimes can lessen your pain. Sharing doesn't mean you giving your tensions to others, so start sharing we wont kill you stupid. Your bubbly, jolly, fun loving and caring nature are the best qualities of yours plus your ever smiling face. Telling you a truth i'm lucky to have you as a part of my life. Knowing you is a mystery and i guess i have almost unravelled it. Respecting elders, heeding to what others say, paying attention to minute minute things what people do, making them burst into laughter when they are just about to cry, wiping tears and providing shoulder to them, treating others problems as yours, seeing people eat gives you more satisfaction even though you are hungry, people feel protected when you are around, singing to them to make them sleep and making them forget their every tension. This is u. Maybe people are attracted by your fun loving nature but the bestest thing about you is your childish nature, Sometimes you try to be tooooo strong but its okay to b kid sometimes and a little child is hidden in you too. And that makes you different from others. You are unique in your own way. You are an awesome chef , you are singer too, bringing smile on faces of people and what else to say. A complete package in one and i'm lucky you my best friend. Singing songs, teasing each other, having faith and trust on each other, on one side protecting and defending each other and on the other making fun of each other, eating chocolates ice cream chilly garlic noodles and thumbs up and taking care of each other when ill. Few people give us so much to remember in a very short span of time and yiu are that one person. Tons of memories to be cherished and still tons are waiting to enter our box full of memories. No matter what happens i know you will there standing by my side and i promise i will be there for you too. Taking down all the problems of the world together sharing tears sharing laughter. Will always try my best to make you smile even in the times of sorrow and will always protect your smile and never let anyone steal it. I know we will always remain friends forever no matter how much distance come between us. Always here for you and i know you will be there too..